The profile of an investor is an person or entity that is intending to create wealth through long-term capital growth, or by having regular dividends and payments from investments. An investor holds any provided asset for an extended period, typically 12 months or higher to take advantage of the available CGT discount. There is a fine line in between being regarded an investor and being considered a trader, and the tax implications relating to the two are great.

Telltale Indicators

  • Your intent is to create wealth through the long-term holding of assets
  • You create income from dividends or other regular payments from the investment
  • Your trading activity is low volume and irregular
  • You do not constantly monitor, check or adjust your investments

If you are an investor, then you must be knowledgeable of of the tax implications of owning CGT assets. In highly volatile asset types such as cryptocurrency, it is critical that you do proper tax-planning to make sure you are not left with a tax bill that you cannot pay.


  • > 12 month, 50% CGT discount
  • Cryptocurrency is viewed as a capital gains asset
  • Fees and related expenses are indirectly claimed
  • Tax-planning is critical
  • Net losses are offset against future capital gains

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