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Overdue and late tax returns done fast – We can help get you out of trouble!!

Australian Accountants can file your late tax returns and BAS and help you negotiate with the ATO

The penalty for overdue and late tax returns in Australia can be serious, but with professional help from Australian Accountants you can get your tax brought up to date fast.

For many of us, keeping up to date with our tax returns, company returns and BAS can seem overwhelming. When one year is overdue it is easy to put off lodgement and before we know it another  year rolls by into another year and then becomes many years or many BAS.  Then data is misplaced and lost.  Some people hide from their tax troubles fearing they are the only people who haven’t lodged their returns.  They suffer personal stress and sleepless nights wondering how to bring their tax matters up to date.

We have clients who are now smiling because they are now up to date with the ATO!!  Often they were struggling with years of overdue and late tax returns. Now they are up to date and they know they are moving in the right direction.  They may still have to pay the ATO but they know how much and they may be able to negotiate with the ATO and organise a schedule for payment.  Their burden has been lifted and they feel like they have direction plus their self respect is being restored.

Your tax situation can be helped and we can assist you with dealing with the ATO.

At Australian Accountants your private data is kept private.  You can feel secure.  Your tax returns are being done in Australia by registered tax agents and Australian qualified accountants and not sent overseas to be done in 3rd world countries.

Come to Australian Accountants and get yourself out of trouble fast.

Contact us now if you have any questions and if you have late tax returns from 2013, 2012 or 2011 or earlier,  contact us to discuss how we can get you up to date with your tax returns. Call us at  02 9415 1118  and get help staying on top of your tax.