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Purchase property using the tax effectiveness of a SMSF

SMSF’s are a great way of building your investment portfolio which you can run for your own benefit.

One critical factor is the length of time the trustee wishes to hold the property; a buy-and-hold strategy would work better with SMSF’s to utilise the 15% tax rate on rental income. Trading properties would be difficult as you would not be able to access the capital gains achieved on the home.

The extra generous tax benefit is of course that there is no tax when the fund is paying a pension out to members over 60. There are also no capital gains to pay when the property is sold providing the retiree over 60 sells the assets. Salary sacrificing certain payments could also reduce the tax liability.

Partnering with Australian Accountants in the creation and maintenance of your SMSF allow you to;

  • Help you understand how SMSF’s operate and best work for you.
  • Plan securely towards your retirement.
  • Significantly reduce the instance of any errors.

We handle all clients, finances and tasks; whether sophisticated or simple, our firm can provide the SMSF solution you require to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

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