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Control your super investment for your use during retirement.

SMSF’s are a great way of saving for your retirement which you can run for your own benefit.

Once an SMSF is setup you become a trustee of the fund. Trustees then bear the responsibility for managing the SMSF according to its trust deed and the legislation that applies to SMSF’s.

Whilst you have much more control over where your money is invested, it does require a significant amount of time and expertise to manage – where a trusted adviser like Australian Accountants can help you to minimise the risk and help you save time from avoiding costly errors.

Your fund’s assets and its affairs will need to be maintained separate to yourself and other business entities.

Accessing your super is generally done once a member reaches their ‘preservation age’ and meets a specified condition for release such as retirement, death or terminal illness. Unlawfully accessing the benefits beforehand can met with large penalties.

A significant plus in setting up a SMSF is that the investment income is generally taxed at 15%. Partnering with Australian Accountants in the creation and maintainence of your SMSF; allow you to;

  • help you understand how SMSF’s operate and best work for you.
  • plan securely towards your retirement.
  • Significantly reduce the instance of any errors.

We handle all clients, finances and tasks; whether sophisticated or simple, our firm can provide the solution you require to ensure you achieve your financial goals.

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