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Business operate differently so businesses need different software to meet their particular needs.

Here is advice to guide your next software purchase.


The Australian standard for most businesses in Australia. It has enough flexibility and utility to perform most business functions with ease. The Inventory and  Payroll systems offer reliable control and reporting strengths for small to medium business owners.


Often used when more detail is required in the reporting.  Its different functionality allows accountants to extract useful reports with ease.


Ideal for tech savvy start-up businesses. Based completely on the cloud and geared towards a paperless solution for businesses. It does not feature an experienced inventory system but new and innovative features are being added all the time.

Contact Australian Accountants for an in-depth discussion on which program would best suit your needs on (02) 9415 1118. Our team of MYOB, Quickbooks and XERO Partners can provide training and support for your accounting software needs.