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International businesses expanding into Australia’s are able to utilize our Registered Business Address services and (if required) our Office Services to perform you administration needs.

Should you require a registered business address then our Registered Office can provide this facility.

An Australian local registered business address is required for company Australian company and business registration and to receive official correspondence and provide compliance with business processes such as GST lodgment.

There are also benefits in providing customers and suppliers with more confidence in being able to communicate with you locally by displaying an Australia address and telephone number.

Registered Office

  • Provide a Australian registered business address. Australian government departments require an official business address for correspondence and compliance. This can be separate from any shopfront, office or manufacturing plant address.
  • Maintain the Corporate Register (the legal company incorporation documents and corporate registration requirements)
  • Forwarding official documentation received by mail to your international HQ
  • Imaging/Filing/Storing official documentation

Registered Office Services

Rather than needing to employ Australian local personnel to perform your office administration requirements,

Australian Accounts and can provide the following office administration services:

  • Local public phone number and public mailing address.
  • Receive and return local telephone calls made to your business or company.
  • Assessing, Filing and Forwarding mail/emails and notifications received from official departments, commercial entities, banks, suppliers, and other third parties
  • Filing, Replying and Forwarding correspondence to your international head office.
  • Organise meeting facilities if these are required.

Contact our professional team for a confidential discussion about expanding your business into Australia on 02 9415 1118.