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Australian Accountants can provide a solution to your local director and officer requirements.

By engaging our resident local director and officer services, you can feel confident that experienced local director and officer will ensure your compliance and governance requirements are being managed and provided.

Within Australia the law requires all companies to have at least one director who is a resident of Australia.

Local Director’s duties are typically

  • Liaising with regulatory authorities for federal, state or local government departments.
  • Be the shareholder’s representative to overseeing protocol and compliance requirements.
  • Signing documents for lodgement with various regulatory authorities.
  • Entering into commercial agreements where a resident director is required – for example opening an Australian bank account.
  • The Local Director/Public Officer is responsible for all compliance matters, and any fines, penalties etc. will be his /her responsibility, in the first instances.

Local Public Officers (CEO, CFO, COO, Company Secretary) duties are typically

  • Managing communications and correspondence with the Australian Taxation Office and other State based government offices.
  • Acting as the authorised representative of the company.
  • ABN (business registration) TFN (tax file numbers) and GST (goods services tax) PAYG registrations.
  • Registering employees with ATO and their Superannuation funds.
  • Obtaining workers compensation insurance, in each state.
  • Registering for State Payroll Tax, where applicable.
Australian Accountants understand the intricacies for compliance with the Local Director and Officer requirements.

Contact our professional team for a confidential discussion about expanding your business into Australia on 02 9415 1118.

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