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We can support your expansion into Australia, whether your requirments are:

  • Website sales & fulfilment,
  • Small sales or technical office, or
  • Full long term corporate structure

Australian Accountants can help guide and assist you through the most efficient means of business expansion into Australia.

Light or Full Australian Presence

Expansion can be a simple as:

  • international e-commerce or web sales into Australia with no local presence, or
  • inlcude a simple representative presence, or
  • full presence with office, warehouse, local employees, full Australian company status and ability to trade locally.

Australian Accountants can provide guidance as to which options best suite your circumstances, to achieve your most efficient expansion structure.

Guidance takes into account:

  • Australian Laws and Compliance requirements.
  • Speed to Market,
  • Least Administrative burden options and costs
  • Commercial and local Employment options
  • Tax Structures,
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Limiting Liability
  • Local Agent, Director options
  • Local Fulfilment and Distribution
  • Outsourcing some or all local requirements.

A brief summary of the expansion models available are as follows.

Business expansion options can be broken down into two broad categories 1. Light Presence and 2. Full Presence.

1 – Light Presence

Remain a Foreign business, no legal company status within Australia, Registered GST importer (where required).

1a – Ecommerce and Website sales into Australia from international Website, and/or delivery of Goods to Australia customers via a fulfilment or distribution provider, and/or small local representative or sales presence in Australia.

1b – Full time representative or sales office with local employees. All of (1-a) above plus Register as foreign local employer to employ local Australian employees and adhere to all employee and HR compliance requirements.

Cannot Claim – GST offset, open Australian bank account, enter into commercial agreements requiring a local legal entity status (ABN) such as local lease, finance, local contracts, etc.


  • You cannot directly invoice customers locally (no ABN).
  • Remain a foreign business or company.


  • Outsource all or some regulatory, office administration, local employment/HR, sales requirements to a local Agent who acts on your behalf, however is a registered Australian company (ABN) for all legal, compliance, administration, local employment, local contracts, Australian telephone number and address requirements.

2 – Full Establishment

Attain full registered company status within Australia.

2a- Australian Subsidiary Company: Full Australian legal status to conduct business and engage local employees within Australia. Requires a local resident company director and adherence to laws, registrations, compliance, taxation, duties and reporting requirements.

2b- Branch Office – Registered Foreign Company: This is a far more complex and costly arrangement with onerous reporting requirements. Generally is only of benefit where a complex international financial and tax structure needs to be maintained. This is not a recommended structure for most companies wishing to expand to Australia.


  • Australian registered company status with commercial trading and employment rights.
  • Adherence: local resident company director, federal, state and local council laws, corporate and employment regulations and compliance, taxation and reporting requirements.


  • Outsource all or some: local resident director requirements, regulatory, office administration, local employment/HR, sales requirements to a local Agent who acts on your behalf and/or supplies these services.
  • Business Expansion to Australia Services from Australian Accountants
  • Resident Company Director & Officer Services
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services
  • Registered Office Services (Govt. Compliance
  • Local Agent for Foreign Companies
  • Local Agent Office Administration and Support Services
  • Local phone and mailing address
  • Local HR & employment outsource
  • Accounting, Reporting and Lodgement Services (Inc. ASIC, BAS/GST lodgements)
  • e-Trade import order Fulfilment/Distribution support services (approved providers)
  • Advice & Guidance.

Common Abbreviations Used

ABN = Australia Business Number (registered)

ASIC = Australian Securities & Investments Commission (company regulator)

ATO = Australian Taxation Office

BAS = Business Activity Statement to calculate GST (generally monthly or quarterly)

CFO = Chief Financial Officer

GST = Goods & Services Tax

HR = Human Resources

Local (local) = Internal Australian commercial exchange (ie Invoice) and Transaction

State = Australian state and territory (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, NT)

Tax(s) = Australian Federal, State & Local Council taxes, fees and rates

Contact our professional team for a confidential discussion about expanding your business into Australia on 02 9415 1118.