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Increase your business cash flow and improve your financial position by managing your business debts.

There are a number of ways small to medium business owners can minimise debt;

  • Negotiating better terms with creditors to ensure you have the best interest rates and forgiven late fees.
  • Switching higher-interest loans to loans at a lower rate. The most common example of this is replacing personal loans with one which uses the equity on a mortgage.
  • Keeping to a budget regarding expenditure levels.
  • Minimise regular debt expense – as the debt must be serviced each month it can become a regular expense and cut into future savings.
  • Maintain some savings when the business is prosperous; as each dollar you save is a dollar is a dollar that can help you later.

Contact Australian Accountants for more information on how you can minimise you business debts today, please contact Australian Accountants on 02 9415 1118  or  +61 2 9415 1118 from overseas.