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When do I need to lodge a tax return?

Tax returns in Australia follow the Australian financial year and not the standard calendar year from January to December. The Australian financial year commences on 1st July and ends on 30th June the next year.

If you are not registered with a Tax Agent, after the financial year ends (1st July) you will have until 31st October to lodge your Tax Return.

If you are registered with a Tax Agent, you will have from after the financial year ends on 1st July through to 15th May to complete your tax return with your tax agent, sign your documents and pay your tax agent to lodge the return.

The next deadline or lodgement date for Australian Tax Returns is by the 31st October 2013 if you are not registered with a Tax Agent, or by 15th May 2014 if you are registered with a Tax Agent.

If you are having difficulty lodging your tax return by the dates required, contact us as soon as possible on 02 9415 1118 or you can contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) directly on 13 28 61.

The Australian Taxation office now issues penalties and fines for late lodgement. These fines may be $500 per year or more.

What if I need to leave Australia before the Australian financial year is up?

Under special circumstances the ATO allows people to lodge their tax returns before the end of the Australian financial year. If you are leaving Australia permanently, the ATO may take this into consideration and allow this to be done.

If you are planning on leaving Australia permanently or temporarily, talk to us now to organise the lodgement of your tax returns.

Contact our professional team for a confidential discussion about expanding your business into Australia on 02 9415 1118.

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