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If you have to live away from home for your work, you want to ensure you reap the tax benefits as well.

Australian Accountants’ team of accountants are well versed in preparing LAFHA allowances for employers and employees so that they can obtain the maximum refunds and net take home pay.

The Australian government has changed legislation on this allowance and with big penalties for mistakes and overstatements of the allowance; clients ought to ensure their situation is reviewed by a tax professional at Australian Accountants.

LAFHA is designed to compensate employees for the extra costs of maintaining a second residence; components of the LAFHA for food and accommodation and other select costs are taken in into consideration for an employee’s PAYG tax obligations.

After a consultation with one of our tax advisers in-house or overseas via Skype/telephone/email, you will be able to determine your eligibility for the LAFHA and prepare all the documentation necessary for it to be incorporated into your tax situation.

Contact our team of accountants and advisers before leaving Australia for their expertise and LAFHA service today!