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Moving to Australia? Will you be living in Australia as an Expat? Enjoy Australia’s world class lifestyle whilst experiencing the benefits of a strong economy

Australia is a beautiful country with a culturally diverse population. Rich in natural resources and with China’s thirst for development, Australia’s economy has sailed through the Global Financial Crisis and continues to stay strong.

Living in Australia, as an expat you are required to meet all your tax obligations. If you earn money while you are in Australia, you will need to ensure you lodge a tax return.

At Australian Accountants we can assist you with all your accounting and tax obligations, including your tax returns.

We have many expat clients and looking after expats and impats is our speciality.

Moving to Australia

If you are moving to Australia, you will need to organise many financial aspects of your new life. Australian Accountants can provide advice on:

  • Bringing your money into Australia
  • What your tax obligations are while a resident of Australia
  • Tax implications of purchasing a property in Australia
  • Opening a Business in Australia

Australian Accountants can help you with the financial aspects of your move to Australia.

Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you.